Info (latest update 2017!)

General Information:
We highly recommend people travelling in the NorthWest of the Kaokoveld to carry a satellite-phone for emergencies.
There is NO cellphone reception in the NorthWest (only exceptions are Puros and Opuwo).
Please be advised to always carry enough water! Even if it is not the hottest time of the year, temperatures can be very high and shade is sparse.
If a car has a break-down one can easily wait several days until another vehicle drives by..!
Additionally, we recommend using not only a map but also a GPS; sometimes, the various tracks are very confusing and one can get lost easily...
Of course 4x4 driving experience and proper equipment are absolutely mandatory for travelling in this remote area!

Please note that we do not offer any recovery service!

The only reliable fuel stations in the Northern Kaokoveld are in Opuwo and Palmwag.
In Sesfontein, Purros and Okangwati availability of fuel (quality and quantity) is a matter of luck...

Since we are no medical doctors, we do not have the competence to give advice concerning malaria and malaria medicine!
We recommend you to consult with your specialist/GP!

We do not have mobile network in the Marienfluss valley and therefore we do not have a working mobile phone.
The phone in our office is not in use since the office is not occupied.
In case you have any inquiries, you can contact us via email.